Mug printing

In this category we would like to provide the user to be able to print his own mug with his chosen photograph.

This is how it should work.

Let imagine a person has gone for his / her holidays or be it an event or some other occasion he now has the option of printing his photo on the mug.

So he enters our Mug printing category.

This section will display some pics of printed mugs so that the customer can understand what he will get.

Once he decides that he wants to print his image on a mug he is prompted to enter his name, email, country (we can decide on this) and once entered he is taken to a new screen where he can able to upload his design from a mobile or a laptop.

The most important part is to have a box displayed on the screen that is the size of the label that will be printed on the sublimation mug. His uploaded picture will appear in this box. He should be able to move around his image that will then appear on the printed mug. Once done he clicks OK. His chosen picture now should give him a preview of how it will look on a printed mug as he can rotate the mug online to see how it would appear. We can have some six different types of templates so customers can add one or more photos or they can sort of compose it as per their choice.

Once done he clicks on how many mugs he wants to print. We can initially restrict to 10 numbers per print. For more then 10 mugs he can click on a button that says Print More…which will take him to a new screen wherein he can send us a mail and some details of his company.

Once the mug is ready and he approves it for printing he can proceed to checkout. After checkout we should get an email with the logged in details and the image in an email so that we dont mix up different mugs for shipping.

We can ship the cup worldwide. We will stock some 500 blank mugs at our unit.

Some references :-


Vijay Stoneware Pottery